Yellow Raft In Blue Water Analysis

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Yellow Raft In Blue Water Back long ago before we had books or even computers we socialized with each other, We sat around the dinner table or a fire and told stories from start to finish. We didn't just speak to tell the stories, we also used visuals such as pictures. The pictures were used to engage the audience into the storie. During the book Yellow Raft In Blue Water the author Michael Dorris covers many different topics, he goes over the struggle with racism, the power struggle, the struggle with appearances, and the struggle of an inescapable reality. The author Michael Dorris, who is Native American, writes this book so it focuses around the lives of three Native American women. Each women has there own section that they narrate their story. The author writes his book in three sections, one for each girl, to show how their three stories are similar, each one fades into the next. This book is written in a way…show more content…
No one but me carries it all and no one will" (273). Ida says this because this is her story, everytime you tell a story you want to make sure to tell it in the best way possible. Each time she tells it she learns from the periouse time and makes it better, well staying honest. No one will ever fully understand your story because they did not go through it like you did. When Ida is nararating her story she starts when she was younger and talks about her struggles, strengths and what she went through. Her story starts with a quick description of who she is and what her life was/is like, “My life is a ring of mountains, close together and separated by deep chasms. From any summit I look back and view, not an arm's length away, the ones before” (274). Ida talks about her life being like mountains because life sure as hell isn't easy. Sometimes it's a nice stroll and others it is a hard hike up the side of the

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