Obstacles: An Analysis Of Rameck's The Pact

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Life is full of difficult situations, and everyone can face these difficulties. When people want to achieve their goals, they come across some obstacles. People who are successful are not always the ones who have the best skills.We often see some people born in bad situations,but they never give up.The book named The Pact is about a true story that focuses on three young men .The story takes place in Newark and New Jersey.The three main people are George Jenkins, Rameck Hunt and Sampson Davis.They grow up with many difficulties,but they all decide to become doctors.They do not give up. Also, they help each other to success. All three of them have good stories,but I think Rameck’s story is motivating.There are three factors that let Rameck become successful.The first one is that Rameck learns from mistakes.The second one is that Rameck gets support from mentors.The final one is that Rameck gets help from institutional support. One of the factors that leads Rameck to make a good future is that he learns from mistakes. People can understand a lot after doing something wrong. According to the authors, Rameck plays a lot with bad guys. One day, Rameck fights with a man and wounds him with a …show more content…

Rameck is lucky to meet Carla Dickson.Carla is the counselor for the Pre-Medical plus program at Seton Hall University in 1990.She helps Rameck a lot . When Rameck has questions, she can go to answer him. She doesn't want to change him, and Carla just wants him to enjoy college.She plans everything for Ramec-k.When Rameck feels sad or uncomfortable, Clara is willing to help him. She gives many advices to Rameck to help him to be successful during college time.Because of Clara’s help , Rameck can graduate successfully. Also, Rameck can understand how to face difficulties and can continue to pursue his dream.Therefore, mentors play good roles in Rameck’s

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