Occupational Health Risk Analysis

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All kinds of organizations are growing concerned to achieving and demonstrating occupational health and safety performance at their premises by controlling the risks, maintaining their policy and also objectives. OHSAS stands for Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Specifications where it is a global standard framework for an organization to identify and control its safety risks, reduce the possible hazardous accidents, and improve its operational performance.

Recently, OHSAS 18001 has been updated and adopted as OHSAS 18001:2007 and it is the requirement standard for an OH&S Management System (Lennox Hill, 2017). The up-to-date version reflects on achieved learnings purpose for worldwide use of the standard for global and emphasis
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Meanwhile, risk assessment can be defined as a systematic procedure to describing and quantifying the possible risks or similar quantification that define the uncertainty about the magnitudes, or environmental consequences associated with hazardous substances, process, action, and events. (Covello et al., 2013).

As risk can be happened in a various ways, the main goal of risk assessment is to assess hazards, then eliminate or reduce the level of the risk by implement control measures if necessary. To achieve this goal, the organization needs to address questions arise from the situation such as how incident can occur and under what condition and environment, what are the most likely potential consequences, how much percentage the potential consequences to occur, and what is the likelihood of the risk controlled effectively or system is failed and needs further
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During this step, the organization can look overall of the situation and differentiate the level of the risk before and after performing risk control and evaluate it to know what is the degree of risk. Then, can decide on what is the proper control measures should be use. First, the organization needs to perform an investigation or examination to detect the source of a particular incident. By that, the results acquired can be able to use to differentiate with the result of current risk assessment. After ‘identifying the hazards’ and ‘deciding who might be harmed and how’ then it is required to protect the people from harm. The hazards can either be removed completely or the risks controlled so that the injury is unlikely (Rob Burgon, 2013)

Next is to records of control or documentation. All the findings, records and data regarding to an incident must be written down and kept as it is a legal requirement and also as an evidence showing that the hazards has been identified. These information could be used as reference in future and must relate to risk assessment to ensure the plan to eliminate or minimize the risks and hazards. Internal audit also crucial to guarantee the risk assessment from the beginning meeting the goals and

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