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Ryan Hogan OT-525 9-21-15 While taking the health risk assessment I knew right from the start that some of the information would be off. The assessment asked about things such as blood pressure and cholesterol, and I do not know these measures right of the top of my head. While looking at the results, it stated that I am at risk of dying within the next 10 years. When comparing my risk percentages to the average 27 year old male, I did very well and was average compared to the others. However one factor that I scored above average on was the chance of a heart attack. The reason for this is that fact that my weight is to high for my height. If you look at my BMI you would see that I am over by a lot, but one thing that this assessment does not account for is the fact that I work out every day. Muscle weighs more than fat and usually throws off numbers for …show more content…

Also besides working out there I also am coaching more days of the week usually helping and motivating others to get healthy. I try to eat healthy but sometimes it hard to do so with classes, as it seems like I’m always on the go. My trouble comes with portion intake. I understand what portions to eat, however usually I get more than one portion in a sitting and in the end it hurts me. One thing that I want to work on is portion control and eating smaller meals throughout the day. With classes going at different times I feel that I just wait until I get home to eat and that’s where I lose my portion control. I would like to eat five or six smaller meals throughout the day and control the portions. Starting in October I am also going to try a paleo diet, a goal that will be hard. It is something that will not only help me loose some weight but start eating a healthier selection of food as well. This will not only help me mentally in school but also physically in the

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