Occupational Therapy Scholarship Essay

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1. Last year, I shared the story of how I confirmed my passion for occupational therapy. As the year has passed, nothing has changed. I remain passionate about occupational therapy, and I am excited to pursue a career in this field. However, this year I have confirmed the area of occupational therapy in which I wish to practice. My goal in the future is to work in geriatric occupational therapy. For two years now, I have volunteered at a service site called Jesuit Hall. At the site, I work with retired priest everyday, and I enjoy spending time talking and exercising with them. Therefore, this experience has confirmed my love and desire to work with the geriatric population. Similar to last year, I love my major, so I will continue my degree …show more content…

Along with school and extracurricular activities I also maintained a part time job. For two years, I worked at Spee Dee Delivery with my most recent position as a part time receptionist. I worked Monday through Friday averaging twenty hours a week. While at work some of my responsibilities included answering phone calls and assisting customers with their problems. I also kept records of different office files including, attendance and hazmats. At night, I was responsible for sorting driver materials, and cleaning the office. My position at Spee Dee delivery gave me skills I can use in my future occupation such as communication and organization. At the moment, I have received a camp counselor position at Easter Seals Iowa. This organization hosts a summer camp for children with either a physical or intellectual disability. This summer I will be a camp counselor, so I will be responsible for four children and I will be required to work with the children and make sure they have fun. This job relates to my field of study very closely. Most often, occupational therapist work with individuals who have physical or mental disability, so this position allows wonderful first hand experience into what I will be doing for the rest of my

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