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Introduction: The odyssey is a epic poem made by Homer
The odyssey takes place during the Trojan war 1200 BC where Odysseus and his men have been fighting to defeat the army of troy. Later they have and expecting to come home victorious the hero and his men learn they've taken a turn for the worst

Paragraph 1- Claim: I believe Odysseus should be nominated for the award because he has shown the qualities of a good leader and true hero. Odysseus has determination, high spirits, a creative mind, and motivation. I say he deserve it because he has shown that he can and will overcome any challenge or obstacles the gods or any man may throw at him

Paragraph 2 – First I want to mention about Odysseus will and determination to get his men and himself home in "The cyclops" as he tries to overcome and escape from the massive beast that claims his men constantly. I am showed in the book how Odysseus curiosity has endangered the lives of him and his men because while exploring the lands they have came across a cyclops that is devouring his men little by little and Odysseus and his men plan escape. I am showed how Odysseus creativity can make him a determined leader. Odysseus comes with a plan to drunken the cyclopes and with a giant stake stab the cyclops in the eye also from that passage I read I was shown about how he …show more content…

These core traits he has have been guiding him and his men through this rough and ragged journey wither it's from escaping cyclopes, raiding the coronas, or battling monsters of the sea. He knows how to motivate his men and show them even in fear if they work together they could all get home. I know this because is each story I am shown that Odysseus wants to see him and his men home safely. A example of his leadership is when they were on the cyclopes island after disabling the eye of the cyclopes they hid in the sheep's wool to sneak by

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