Odysseus As An Epic Hero Analysis

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An ancient Greek hero is often portrayed differently than a hero in modern society. An epic hero must face impossible challenges by using their extraordinary strength, with some help from the deities. Although a fatal flaw may delay their Return, their “rebirth” will help conclude the voyage. In Homer’s The Odyssey, Odysseus possesses the qualities of an epic hero during the Hero’s Journey through his cleverness in the Challenges, the change in his impulsive personality in the Transformation, and the help he receives from supernatural beings in the Return.Odysseus proves to be heroic in the Challenges when he uses his intellectual strength, such as his wit, to overcome difficult challenges. Although Odysseus is a distinguished war warrior,…show more content…
The audience concludes that he receives an abundant amount of outside help and does not overcome his challenges independently. But as Schmidt contradicts, “as if divine aid detracted from the greatness or achievement of Odysseus who should conquer without divine aid would be nearly meaningless” (Schmidt). He uses logic and reasoning to expand on how divine aid further confirms Odysseus as an epic hero. The presence of the supernatural is what makes his challenges seem more riveting and heroic to readers. The word “meaningless” again emphasizes the importance of the deities. With some assistance from the Gods, Odysseus can resolve his last challenge by getting revenge on the suitors.Odysseus in The Odyssey proves himself as an epic hero through his craftiness that helps him solve problems in the Challenges, his transformation from having excessive pride to patience and humility, and through the godly guidance he receives in the Return. Without these qualities, Odysseus would not have been able to successfully complete his Hero’s Journey and prove his worthiness as an epic
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