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Easily perceived as a target by a supernatural force, the concept of an acclaimed Greek Tragedy throughout history lies in the heart of the tragic hero. "Oedipus the King," a classic play written by Sophocles, involves the protagonist named Oedipus leaving his hometown, Thebes, in attempt to escape the fate determined by the gods; however, inevitably fails to save his parents and himself, justifying the belief that man should not oppose their fate. Hence, in the tragedy of "Oedipus the King," Oedipus is meticulously defined as a tragic hero in which he demonstrates his hamartia of overwhelming pride, in turn leading to negative repercussions to others' lives due to Oedipus's downfall.
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Presumptuous enough to vow to "never see home again,' the hero dares to circumvent the fate assigned to him by the gods (KO 47). By attempting to permanently distance himself from Corinth, Oedipus unwittingly defies the gods, thinking he will outrun his prognostication. Nonetheless, Oedipus's error of judgment leads to his own destruction, a custom commonly seen in classical tragedies. An individual's egotism has the ability to blind its host of their limits, resulting in undesirable and calamitous outcomes, in addition to driving Sophocles's audience into a state of uneasiness for the protagonist's subsequent time. Overlooking the "role of the gods in shaping man's destiny," Oedipus pursues his conceited way of thoughts, in turn losing his audience's pity for the tragic hero (Lewin). Prideful to himself, as well as his people, Oedipus pays no regard in the manner he exhibits his hauteur. Secondly, the citizens continuously adulate their savior, calling Oedipus "great and glorious" in regards to his past accomplishments (KO 26). Through his defeat of the Sphinx and saving the land in where he rules, Oedipus accepts bounteous glorification adding to his mountain of pride. According to the Aristotelian

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