Of Mice And Men Curley's Wife Character Analysis

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George is the protagonist in the story, he is hardworking, has a temper with Lennie and is ambitious. CURLEY
Curley is small, mean and doesn't like his wife talking to other guys. LENNIE
Lennie is the antagonist in the story, he is dull, kind and strong. CURLEY'S WIFE
Curley's Wife is lonely, likes to talk to others, and is unhappy with her marriage. CROOKS
Crooks is unhappy, hopeless and nervous about what other people might do to him CANDY
Candy is a static character in the story, he is old, worn out and wants to settle down. SLIM
Slim is kind, giving and he is understanding of Lennie.
George Milton is the protagonist or main character of the story. He cares for Lennie and works on the ranch to earn money so that he …show more content…

His dog was killed because it was old and smelled, Candy doesn't stop this from happening due to his situation. He doesn't have the effort to try to save his dog because he is to worn out and knew that it was inevitable. He also is willing to give his life savings of three hundred dollars to George and Lennie so that he can live with them on the land that they planned to buy. He just wants to get out of the ranch because he knows he is powerless. Throughout the book he never changes, making him a static character. Curley is described as a small man and he uses his lack of height to his advantage. He picks on big guys because if he beats them in a fight he gets the glory, but if the big guy wins then he is seen as beating up a little guy and people say that the he should pick on someone his own size and may gang up on him. He also uses his power of being the boss's son to make others fear that he may get them fired if they wrong him. He also is jealous of other men talking to his wife and always tells her to stay at home and yells at any man talking to

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