Olaudah Equiano Argumentative Essay

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Many people claim to follow the religion of Christianity and all of his sayings. These people claim that they are truly Christians however their actions prove otherwise. These types of people are usually called nominal Christians. Olaudah Equiana argues that these people are nominal Christians who don’t believe in the true religion. By doing unchristian like things kidnapping young Africans like Olaudah from their home to unknown lands, only thinking of wealth instead of thinking about the life’s they were affecting, and forcefully removing Native Americans from their homes. In the narrative of Olaudah Equiano he was taken at a young age of eleven and after being forced to travel to variety of masters until he was sold a master whose …show more content…

Olaudah argues that these Christians did acts in which they would never do to their own religion. When they described the Native Americans they called them “savages” who eats roots. The natives even tried to adapt to seem more present with their time for example teaching Christianity, replaced their stick and wattle homes and used foreign methods for crops. However this was not enough and they still forced them out of their homes. If they were truly Christians they wouldn’t have treated them or anyone else .They would of still have their home and the culture of Native Americans These “Christians” who were taught to be kind and follow the lord rule did horrible things in their lifetime. They really thought they were doing nothing wrong because in the bible it mentioned how people owned slaves. They never thought how forcing slaves out of their Home and forcing slaves work till they literally died or got too old. Nominal Christians never really followed the religion but still themselves Christians. They forced Indians out of their home, treated Africans horrible while they owned the, and they truly only cared about the

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