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The Omaha tribe is one of the many tribes within the many indian tribes that exist or used to exist many years ago. Many families of men, women, and sometimes children were a big part of how the tribe functioned so well as one. An old folktale tells of how these humans were once born from water and formed their group, The Omaha tribe. They made clothing from fiber of weeds and grass. They hunted game with clubs and started to chip stones. They had knives and arrows from those stones. From there, they built up their life to being the successful, independent tribe of many people that is the tribe we know about today. They lived on a reservation together, a land that belonged to all of them and was under their control. They usually lived in Iowa and Nebraska, some even still live there to this day! Living all together in one reservation helped save supplies and space. There was also better communication between them all. In order to keep everything going smoothly, everyone had …show more content…

Their clothing was mostly made from animal fur. The women wore deerskin dresses. Men wore breechcloths with leather leggings and buckskin shirts. As shoes, they wore moccasins. In the winter they wore long buffalo-hide robes. For a Omaha warrior’s shirt, it was usually covered in porcupine quills, beadwork, and tribal designs. Omaha men also wore turban- like fur hats also. Women usually wore their hair in two, long braids. Both the men and women also painted their face and wore tribal tattoos for special occasions. Their food was usually buffalo meat in the spring and summer. Corn, beans, and squash in the fall and dried fruit, small game, and fishes in the river in the winter. Their is no actual record of their spiritual beliefs, but their religion is 24.69% are Catholic; 1.49% are LDS; 6.18% are another Christian faith; 0.75% in Omaha, Nebraska are Jewish; 0.81% are an eastern faith; 0.91% affiliates with

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