On The Rainy River Courage Quotes

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Fighting in a war has become an image of courage and honour. Those who fall in war are given status and respect. While those who survive are made to relive events of the war, retelling the experience of war allows soldiers to add details to make them seem more courageous than they might truly be. The story of On the Rainy River by Tim O’Brian tells a story of his lack of courage. O'Brien used his intelligence to find reasons that he should not go to war, such as not being able to survive or being better and thinks that there is no purpose for the Vietnam war and that there should be a reason for war. Though O'Brien fought against going to war, he decided to go, for his pride.

Courage and bravery are words to describe those who fight in wars. They are courageous for the acts that they have had to commit. People are praised for their survival …show more content…

Both boy scouts and girl scouts are given badges to commemorate their successes in survival. Some companies that give out medals for running certain distances. Backpackers are applauded for their survival abilities. Tim wasn’t one with survival skills; his reasons for thinking that he wouldn’t survive in a war are that “I hated Boy Scouts. I hated camping out. I hated dirt and tents and mosquitoes. The sight of blood made me queasy, and I couldn't tolerate authority, and I didn't know a rifle from a slingshot. I was a liberal, for Christ sake”. Through these doubts, acts of bravery and courage from those who have served their country would not matter to O'Brien. O'Brien's view on the Vietnam war was having those who “support a war” should be the ones who put their “own precious fluids on the line.” O'Brien wanted to stay out of the war by justifying his fear of going to war, through wanting those who support the war “to head for the front and hook up with an infantry unit and help spill the blood. And you have to bring along your wife, or your kids, or your lover. A law, I thought.”. O'Brien had occasions

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