On The River Of Rain Quote Analysis

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This quote from “ On the River of Raining.” This quote is written by Tim O’Brien. He was describing that how he make his decisions to go on war. Even Though he wants to escape from it. This quote is very important because these is when O'Brien make his final decisions to go a war. He had been trying to escape from the war. He tried to run a way from United State of to Canada. Finally , he was made his decision, and saying that he would go to a war , he will kill and die because it was embrasse. He feels that he is more of coward than a hero because he did not stand up for what he believed in and refuse to fight in a war that he did not understand or believe in. He saw himself as a failure or coward because he was unable to follow his gut instinct and choose to run to Canada and escape the draft. But, is he really a coward. Was he not courageous in realizing that if he ran away from the war he would have to run forever from his draft notice? Eventually he would run out of road so he might as well face his draft notice now before he puts it aside and never forgives himself. Was Tim O’Brien not courageous because he realized he had to do what was necessary, courage is what helped him face his …show more content…

He was explaining that Dobbins troop comes upon a village where a young girl is dancing with a dreamy expression on her face. She is dancing with her dead family around her. In this point what happen was When Azar, a troubled young soldier, makes fun of the girl's dancing, Henry Dobbins teaches the young soldier not to make fun of someone who has lost everything except her life. Henry's comment to Azar to "Dance right" is saying to Azar that what Azar was doing with his mocking dance was wrong, and that if he wants to dance, dance right without making fun of the girl. The incident also shows the theme of war and love because Henry wants Azar to learn how to do the right thing even in a war

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