How Is Tim O Brien A Dynamic

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The main character, Tim O'Brien, in the story On The Rainy River, is shown to be a round dynamic overall through his personality and belief change to war. The indications of a dynamic character are when a character goes through significant changes to their personality or other inner beliefs. The first indication of such change is shown through the initial and post-change moments of his stance on participating in the war. Tim's stance was that "when a nation goes to war, it must have reasonable confidence in the justice and imperative of its cause"(O'Brien, 20). Through this statement. Tim expresses the belief that a nation needs to have validation of a strong foundation to proceed in going to war with another nation. Tim believes that mistakes …show more content…

He was furious because this goes against his inner morals and beliefs about the war. He shows disgust at the sight of blood and other atrocious outcomes that comes out of it. Therefore, his initial and post-reading of the draft state did not change regarding war. As the time for drafting was nearing, he felt the options of avoiding war to be narrowing because he did not meet most of the requirements for an exemption and the government is ending school deferments. The major turning factor was that "beyond all of this, or at the very center, was the raw fact of terror. I did not want to die"(O'Brien,21). The fear of death is a heavy psychological barrier that prevents a person from proceeding with a risky decision. This level of fear potentially leads to a personality change within a person and to their original beliefs. The result of carrying such fear is shown through Tim's decision to flee Canada. He says that "both my conscience and my instincts were telling me to make a break for it, just take off and run like hell and never stop"(O'Brien, 21). This is an emotional turning point for Tim because his personality changes

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