Jerry's Decision Of Neutrality In My Brother Sam Is Dead

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The outcomes of war can sometimes be positive and sometimes negative. In My brother Sam is Dead the authors, James Lincoln Collier and Christopher Collier, are trying to tell you that war can be good like Patriots fighting for our freedom. Since WWII had already passed we get the advantage of knowing that the patriots won and gained freedom. However at the time people didn’t know if their sacrifices will be actually worth it. War shouldn't be considered a mandatory action even if we may win because there’s still the lives being taken because of it, children killed by men with guns in their hands. The irony of Jerry, Life, and Sam’s death all influence Tim’s decision of neutrality.
The ironic and injustice way Jerry’s dies influences Tim’s decision to become neutral about war. Jerry, Tim’s best friend, gets captured by the British and dies in the prison ship. He worked on the farm and no one knew that such a tragedy could happen to him. Especially in the very unfair way he died. The British just captured and killed him; they killed a …show more content…

Life hates war and just wants his family to obey the king and not die. He’s seen war and has been in one, and when he’s arguing with Sam about war, he states, “Have you ever heard a man shriek when he felt a bayonet go through the middle of his back? I have, Sam, I have” (21). So, Life has seen the reality of war and is now traumatized. He just doesn’t want Sam and his family to have to go through the same thing as him. Life was very loyal and he gets in return was death by the people he was so loyal to. Tims for sure doesn’t expect his dad to die by the Loyalists maybe the Patriots or some robbers but definitely not the people Life showed so much loyalty to. Tim is upset because his dad gets killed by his side on the war. And this shows Tim that loyalty is not rewarded. Life’s loyalty not being rewarded directs Tim to

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