A River In Darkness Chapter 2 Quotes

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Vladimir Kozlovski English 9H Perrine 19 May 2023 A River in Darkness: In A River in Darkness by Masaji Ishikawa. In his memoir, he shares his thoughts about his life in North Korea. The book describes his family's move from Japan to North Korea, their struggle to survive in a harsh and oppressive regime, and his eventual escape to Japan. He also faces numerous ordeals, including poverty, starvation, and oppression while living in North Korea. Despite these challenges, he pushes through and continues to work towards his goal of escaping to Japan. His perseverance is evident in his determination to survive and his willingness to take risks to achieve his goal. In order to withstand hardships, one must be determined and persevere through them …show more content…

to describe the thoughts of his work on the farms. with his family. For Instance in "Chapter 2", He described negatively the bureaucrats that were "in charge of farm production paid no attention to location whatsoever” (38)." Ishiwawa uses this quote to create a visual image of the person in charge of farm production being completely unaware of their surroundings. This creates a sense of disconnection and lack of awareness that is conveyed through the sensory image. Another instance of Ishiwawa using sensory input is when in "Chapter 2" he describes how he and his family "heard the endless drip drip drip of that wrenched word Juche (54)." He describes the sense of hearing as sensory to provoke resentfully of the philosophy that was taught in North Korea throughout "Chapter 2". Overall In his work, Masaji Ishiwawa uses sensory images to illustrate the impoverished way of life in North Korea by using both sights and verbal descriptions of sound. to discuss his family's involvement in his farming business. by portraying the idea of Juche and the party system

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