Opposing Views Of John Locke's Impact On Society

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In this world there are many problems that society faces every single day, that have been struggling for a long time. These problems are clear and present in everyday life that society lives in. But if John Locke were to come back to life and fix these problems this is what he would do. John Locke using his philosophical ideologies can solve the problem of social degradation by starting to change the ways how to develop the youth, how the government can support its citizens, and that humans should not treat each other negatively as it creates a negative impact on society as a whole, to make the world a better place. People enter the world not knowing the difference between good and evil and it is up to the world to develop and guide them into good people who benefit …show more content…

67). Locke would make the government protect its subjects at all costs, and if so it should do anything to maintain its status quo. But this should only be allowed if it is consented to do so or the government would not be beneficial towards its citizens. In its entirety John Locke would want the government to do anything within its power to benefit its citizens, as long as it is reasonable and just to do so in the first place. John Locke in the next step of the process of making society a better place by making the people not force anything upon people or to make them act in certain ways which they are not willing to as it can put a negative impact on themselves. Simmons, A. John. states that “The state of nature is the state a person is in with respect to another when he has not consented to join with him (or has subsequently left) a legitimate commonwealth” (Simmons, A. John 456) How people interact with one another dictates on how a society is well kept or rather in disrepair, society should respect one another in order to keep a positive impact on others. By forcing others to commit certain acts Locke believes that it would give them negative experiences which in turn damages society as

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