Opposition And Degradation In Frankenstein Essay

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Kevin J. Rodriguez English 10 Due Feb. 9, 2015 Frankenstein: Opposition and Degradation Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is the quintessential portrayal of how humans tend to forge their own demise. The protagonist of the story, Victor Frankenstein, is a very clear manifestation of that very message. He so passionately seeks to bestow life upon the dead and it is this passion which drives him over the edge. Victor’s opposition of the fundamental laws of nature through him bringing life to the lifeless is what ultimately leads him to his own tragic downfall. One of Victor’s professors at the university of Ingolstadt, who was named M. Waldman, motivates him to pursue his callings in natural philosophy, which is seen as a dead form of natural …show more content…

While Victor is in Ireland, attempting to create a female companion for the creature , he gives up on his efforts, which ends up angering the creature and leading to the death of his beloved friend Henry Clerval. Victor basically wants nothing to do with the creature and this makes the creature furious, because when looked upon from a religious point of view, the creator is obliged to take care of the being created. This is significant, because if Victor had just followed the creatures wants for a female companion, or not even create him in the first place ,his friend Henry would still be alive, and the ordeals of death wouldn’t keep following Victor. Tragically for Victor ,the creature vows to be there at his wedding day to take the life of his loving Elizabeth. The creature’s persistence to take away everything Victor loves and everything he couldn’t have himself, is what drives the monster to make Victor’s life a living hell. Victor is tormented by the creatures ambition and this leaves Victor a void of his former self, subject to anything he puts his mind to and it is this form of himself that leads him ever so closer to the end of his days. Left a hollowed out version of himself, Victor is unable to cope with the loss of all of his friends and family through the hands of his own creation and seeks to right all of his

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