Oppression In The Book Thief

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Ignorant to Educated

In Nazi Germany, 1939, Hitler rose to power using his manipulative words to intoxicate the minds of people by using his book, Mein Kampf. After the Great Depression, Germany was desperate in recovering, so many people relied on Hitler and his ideas of oppression. In contrast, many people were not influenced by Hitler’s strategies and one of them was Liesel Meminger. In The Book Thief, Liesel embarks on a journey with words discovering how they can comfort, empower, harm, and inspire people. In the beginning, Liesel’s brother dies, and while she was at the funeral she found a book, The Grave Digger’s handbook. She realizes that she has never learned how to read, and Hans assists her in helping her learn how to. The Grave …show more content…

Unfortunately, one day the Mayor’ wife, Ilsa, fired her mother which made Liesel furious, so she decided to insult Ilsa. Ilsa Hermann was very harmed by Liesel’s hurtful words: “She was battered and beaten up” (Zusak page 262) Liesel understands the harmful impact of negative words on people and their emotions.
Later, in the air-raid shelter, many people were very worried and nervous, so Liesel decides to read The Whistler. Eventually everyone is calm because they started listening to Liesel reading her book. Many worried people were “soothed by her voice” and /0 the tone of the room was tranquil. (Zusak page 381) After Liesel realizes the impact of words on peoples emotions and how they can manipulate your mind.
Towards the end of the book, Liesel announced words from The Word Shaker to Max while he was marching on Munich Street. After Max left, Liesel went to the Mayor’s library frustrated at words and tore up one of the books. Angered with words, Liesel wonders, “The words. Why do they have to exist” (Zusak page 521) After this incident, Liesel realizes the value of words, and how they can manipulate your actions and

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