Role Of Betrayal In Othello

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William Shakespeare’s “Othello” and Massive Dispute of Jealousy, Envy, and Betrayal The emotion or feeling of deep insecurity of other people whether they are close to us or not. Jealousy is demonstrated throughout Shakespeare’s infamous play “Othello” many times. The play shows readers that one bad eggs evil ways can ruin prosperous ventures for everyone. Throughput the play there is one main character, Iago who disputes the main traits of jealousy and betrayal. Betrayal can be used to manipulate the antagonist character, from thoughts to many traits of black mailing. Sometimes it is hard for us as humans to recognize when people close to us are jealous, because we are in denial to fact that our close friends would harm us. This is what makes …show more content…

He lies to th' heart. She was too fond of her most filthy bargain. (Shakespeare 5.2.167-169) Emilia is Iago’s wife, after Othello states Iago told him Desdemona cheated Emilia speaks illy of Iago. Emilia knows about Iago’s evil ways, that is why when Othello confesses she states, “My husband”? She states it feeling very perplexed a hero as great as Othello would listen to such lies. Emilia knows her husband better than anyone in the story, she does not feed into his lies. She felt the need if she would have known this was going on she could have prevented everything by revealing Iago’s fraud traits. The secret traits of jealousy, betrayal, and envy are tricky to pick up on. Because Othello was in denial about the true colors of betrayal it caused him to lose everything. He did not understand the concept of figuring out things himself instead of listening to other people. Iago’s envy of Cassio ran so much deeper than just wanting his position he almost has the man killed. Also, Iago wanted to the center of Othello’s life, one reason he taunted his marriage. Shakespeare demonstrated how the traits of jealousy can suck us into doing the unthinkable, when we lack attention from

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