Ovarian Cyst Research Paper

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Ovarian Cysts are cysts that are on the ovaries. They can be painful and have discomfort with them. I have known women to have these and they say it is painful. They can rupture and cause a great deal of pain and discomfort. There are many different signs and symptoms that go along with having an ovarian cyst. Some symptoms include feeling like you are about to get sick, pain when using the bathroom, and pain while having sex. If one experiences any of these they should go see their doctor and find out if they have an ovarian cyst. They could have more than one. Ovarian cyst sit on a women’s ovaries. They tend to disappear without any help of medications. When a cyst does not disappear after a while that is when medications or other medical help is needed. During pregnancy a women can develop ovarian cyst. This is not …show more content…

There are different types of ovarian cysts. A women can have a Follicle cyst, a corpus luteum cyst, or a nonfunctional cyst. They could have a cyst on both ovaries. In the article by Valencia Higuera from healthline, they talk about how an ovarian cyst rupture is rare. If an ovarian cyst does however rupture, they have different symptoms that come along with them. Since a cyst is a pocket of liquid it can cause a women to get sick if an ovarian does rupture. A women should go to the doctor if they believe an ovarian cyst has ruptured. A women could actually die if an ovarian cyst ruptures and is not took seriously. There are some different methods on getting rid of ovarian cysts. One that I did not know until I was doing my research on ovarian cysts, is taking birth control. This can aid in the

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