Overcoming Diversity In America

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A greedy, money-consuming, and lethargic person most likely comes to mind when one thinks of the characteristics of an American. We have somehow managed to earn the stereotype that we abuse our freedom and use it to our advantage. While this may be true to a certain extent, it seems people always forget the positive connotations that contribute to the qualities of a true American. The freedom the United States has is something we gained through hard work and dedication and is nothing to be taken for granted. Despite the stereotypical definition it is most commonly deceived as, an American is someone who supports and lives through the ideas of equality, patriotism, freedom and society while overcoming everyday diversity.

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The freedom that comes with living in America isn’t always atomically had; often times it is sought out by refugees from other countries. Job opportunities, oppression by government, religious freedom, or war and conflict are just some of the few reasons people migrate to America. This is because we offer a higher quality of life and solutions to most all problems faced in an immigrant’s native country. Though this is all true, not all immigrants are treated with the respect they deserve. In Langston Hughes poem ‘I, Too, Sing America’ he proudly embraces his African American culture despite the opinion of others. “Tomorrow, I’ll be at the table when company comes. Nobody’ll dare say to me, ‘eat in the kitchen,’ then. Besides, they’ll see how beautiful I and be ashamed- I, too, am America.” This expresses the determination Hughes has to experience the American Dream although his race is not as accepted as others. When diversity and the American Dream clash it can often create conflict. In Claude McKay’s poem “America” he wrote about the harsh realities of racism he experienced as a Jamaican. “Although she feeds me bread of bitterness, and sinks into my throat her tiger’s tooth, stealing my breath of life, I will confess I love this cultured hell that tests my youth.” This quote represents the advantages and disadvantages that come with the freedom of

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