Overcoming Obstacles In The Glass Castle By Jeannette Walls

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Though, obstacles are a constant part of our daily lives, overtime, we learn to cope with those obstacles. We discover how to jump every hurdle, or to simply walk around them. Granted, it seems that the biggest hurdles come when you try to achieve personal goals. Until you are an adult, there are rarely any decisions you make that are your own. There are usually constant factors that may influence you. It could be teachers, parents, friends, or society itself. Although endurance can be a helpful asset, it has its limits. Do you intend to go to work every day to a job you don't like only to look your boss in the eye as you apologize for killing time? Do you want to wake up next to person whom you may not love? To walk down the aisle, each step …show more content…

My best friend was the greatest role model at the time and she was amazing at drawing. Over the years, I’ve improved and it is now a treasured hobby. My schoolwork was covered with doodles in the margins of the papers, and abandoned sketches would slip through the pages of my notebooks. Many say that the art field is not respectful and maybe hard to get a stable job in. I wouldn’t refute as in some cases they can be right. In contrast, in the book The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls, Lori, Jeannette’s older sister became an artist. It was her childhood dream and she pursed it to the end. In contrast to my approach, Lori avidly strived to be an artist despite what others would say. “‘I’m only telling you this because I love you,” he said, (Lori’s father) “And I don’t want to see you hurt’” (Walls, 2005) Lori grasped to escape the empty town of Welch and go to a New York Art School. She applied to scholarships after scholarship and raised dollar after dollar with her siblings to become an artist in the art capital of America. Lori achieved her dream as it was what she loved and she excelled at it. She had a paved a career for herself and loved her work. I hope to find that same sort of content in the …show more content…

They may feel as if they are chained to their parents expectations. Their parent’s dreams are integrated into their mind. Fields, like the arts are a stigma in many minds of the previous generation. Many University students like Chris Lam, find themselves distraught with the sudden realization that they will destined to work in this field for many years of their life. My parents do have some say in my career however, they understand that as the job industry is constantly evolving, I have a voice in what my plan for the future

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