Obstacles In The Osage Firebird

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To be successful, you have to overcome obstacles that will make you stronger in the long run. Both of the texts “The Osage Firebird” and “A Life Painting Animals” inform readers that people have to overcome obstacles and barriers to become successful, but the first text did a better job at developing this idea. “The Osage Firebird” and “A Life Painting Animals” provide many examples for conquering obstacles and becoming victorious. Both of these texts are great at encouraging people to keep trying and overcome obstacles to end up successful In order to be successful, you have to conquer certain obstacles. The first text used many examples to support this idea. One example is when Maria faced prejudice because of her name in the passage “The Osage Firebird”. Even though she was constantly being made fun of for her last name, Tallchief, she overcame this and used their comments to become stronger. Another one of the …show more content…

Rosa Bonheur faced many challenges as she was growing up to become an artist. The first one was her father. AT first, her father did not want Rosa to become an artist because he knew how hard it was to earn a living out of it. He decided that he wanted her to become a dressmaker instead, but Rosa refused to learn dressmaking. Eventually, when Rosa was thirteen, her father agreed to let her study art. Rosa also faced prejudice against women in the passage “A Life Painting Animals”. To avoid attracting attention while sketching pictures, she had to dress up like a man. She even had to apply for permission from the Paris police to do so. Lastly, Rosa was not able to get into art school because they weren’t open to women yet. Therefore, her father began to train her at home because he believed in women having equal rights. Rosa Bonheur ended up becoming a very successful artist thanks to her being able to overcome life’s

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