Overview Of Andrew Jackson And The Search For Vindication By James C. Curtis

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To us he's Andrew Jackson the son of Elizabeth and Andrew Jackson. The young angry insecure boy who suffered a life consisting of great tragedy. His soldiers know him as "Old Hickory" expressing strength, toughness, physical, encourage, and perseverance. The biography Andrew Jackson and the search for Vindication by James C. Curtis took place on the frontier of Tennessee, giving account for his turbulent youth, and his rise to power. James C. Curtis wanted to display the life of Andrew Jackson and his career in a fresh manner. Curtis wrote, "Andrew Jackson was on a search for personal Vindication, throughout his life he felt the need to prove himself." (Page viiii) Curtis also wanted to prove that Jackson was moved primarily by personal anxieties, not political or national objectives. …show more content…

The reflecting back on Jackson's childhood and the emotions that come forth due to the tragic things that took place, was not to excuse but to clarify, the uncontrollable outrages. Everything that he accomplished in life he allowed the emotions he felt from his childhood to motivate him, such as his statement, "the memory of my mother and her teachings are after all the only capital I had to start my life." (page 11 ) In Andrew Jackson's later life it was the emotions brought to remembrance by his fathers death, that he was driven by during his presidential stay and during the war. He stated, " he died like a hero in battle, fighting for his wife and babes; fighting an uphill battle against poverty and adversity as no one in our generation could comprehend." Curtis frequently spoke of the actions and behavior

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