PTSD In Tim O Brien's The Things They Carried

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INTRODUCTION Hook: The horrors of war can leave deep scars on those who experience it, for many soldiers the wounds of battle can linger long after the fighting has ended. Tim O'Brien portrays the shock of PTSD, a condition that can follow troops for years, in a moving and dramatic way. Context:PTSD is a mental health disorder that can occur after experiencing or witnessing a traumatic event. Thesis: In The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien, Norman Bowker experiences PTSD after being exposed to the trauma of the war, a trauma that reveals itself later in his isolation, depression and eventual suicide. BODY 1 Supporting claim: Norman Bowkers PTSD has caused him to constantly dwell on the past and feel guilty for Kiowa's death. This has resulted in him feeling inadequate and unable to move on from the traumatic experiences he faced during the war. …show more content…

Quote: “Circling the lake , Norman Bowker remembered how his friend Kiowa had disappeared under the waste and water. I didn’t flip out …I was cool. If things had gone right, if i hadn’t been for that smell , i could’ve worn the silver star(147).” Analysis: Norman felt like was stuck reliving this past moment of his life haunted by the memory of Kiowa's death and unable to escape the trauma .These feelings of guilt and isolation are very commonly shown in PTSD as many individuals can be seen struggling with especially these soldiers who are at war. BODY

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