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Keeping your Paleo dinner or lunch simple is ideal but not always possible. Once in a while you will surely crave for something more flavorful, and most of the time only recipes that are considered complicated can give it. You can still make your dinner or lunch within fifteen minutes if you have prepared your basic ingredients or dish before hand. You can buy packed broth or stock, Paleo mayonnaise, and other Paleo staples in groceries or supermarkets but you can’t be certain if they are really suitable for your Paleo diet. They might contain ingredients that defy the rules on the Paleo diet. The best way to make sure is to make them on your own. Bone Broth You can store your home made bone broth in your freezer. It is also recommended that you use silicone muffin mold when freezing your broth. After making the …show more content…

1. Combine the first five ingredients in a steel or ceramic bowl (you should not use glass or synthetic bowl). 2. Whisk the ingredients until smooth. 3. Begin adding the oil in thin stream while whisking. 4. If your mixture begins to stick to the bowl’s sides, then you need to slowly stir in the rest of the oil while you keep on whisking. 5. Your fresh mayonnaise can be stored in your refrigerator up to three days. You can use your own mayonnaise and drizzle it on your favorite greens and enjoy a real guilt-free salad. Your Own Mustard If you want to make your own mustard you will need: 1 cup mustard seeds ½ cup water ½ lemon (get the juice) ½ cup vinegar Salt and pepper to taste Just mix all the ingredients to make your own Paleo mustard. You can also use this as dressing or condiment. These Paleo staples are great help in preparing your Paleo

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