Parenting Styles Research Paper

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Growing up I was surrounding in a home environment that was both strict and loving. My dad is a very authoritarian individuals with his parenting style but he can be authoritative. My mom on the other hand was authoritative. Growing up, both myself and my two older brothers, knew when we had crossed a line with our parents. Anytime we would't do as we were told it resulted in consequences, for example: being "whipped", no technology privelodges, writing sentences repeatively, and being grounded. One occasion I remember crystal clear growing up was dad telling me and my brothers to clean our rooms, but we wanted to watch a movie. Well dad, saw we were disobedienent and took some garabe bags to our bedrooms and anything that was on the floor was thrown away. Needless to say, since that occurred I've become slightly OCD about cleaning and keeping everything organized. …show more content…

They taught me and my brothers to never be afraid of asking questions if you desire an answer, as long as it isn't a quote-on-quote stupid, insulting question. They taught my and my brothers that academics are important and rewarded us with movie nights, candy, or weekend trips to sporting events if we had good grades. They let us play sports and be involved with band as long as we were passing all classes and keeping up with our daily chores. They taught us how to be self-efficent and congratulated us everytime learned how to cook a new dish or we mastered a new feat like baiting our own fishing

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