Importance Of Life In The English Colonies Essay

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:. Life in the Colonies .: We may not know everything about life in the colonies but we are learning more everyday. I did not know what life was like in the English Colonies, but now we have more knowledge. According to the writing of William Penn, the English Bill of Rights, the Country Housewife and the Reverend Stephen Williams. We also know this because of the diary of Miss. Mary Cooper, Martha Ballard, and from the Colonial Childrens School Work. Since we are lucky enough to have these writings, we can learn more then what we know from the old, worn down buildings. Therefore learning what life was like in the English Colonies. William Penn wrote about what life was like in the cities in the years of 1983 and 1985. According to him, the city of Philadelphia had 357 large houses. Mister Penn scrawled on paper that there were many jobs. The jobs ranged anywhere from Bakers, to Tailors, to Shoemakers, to useful Tradesmen. Along with jobs …show more content…

She had written about what the free or leisure time was spent doing and the easiest way to get free time. She wrote that when she had to make a quilt for her bed, she and her neighbors had gotten together and made it together, while the gentlemen drank tea. After a nicely made supper they danced the night away. Then they returned to their house with their families. Along with many other families if you worked really hard, you get to have fun. Some were also were able to attend school. When you look at the colonial childrens school work you will see that they used the bible to learn spelling, writing and reading. They copied sentences from the bible, to learn how to write. The kids care about school and see it as opportunity, not torture. While doing their lessons they are also learning about god, because they are using the bible kind of like a now a day textbook. They memorise the 10 commandment and parts of the bible. They cared a lot about school and

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