Parent's Rights In Special Education

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The birth of a new baby in the family and diagnosis as a child with special needs, sensory or mental disorders, begins to change the perceptions and understanding for the family members especially the parents. Responsible parents try to explore appropriate solutions for helping their children at an early age because the biggest concern for these parents is what will happen to their children in the future. For instance, parents are always wondering about the social and professional life of their children.
Fortunately, the education policy in the United States of America provides equal educational opportunities regardless of race, color, age, sex, disability, doctrine, ethnic background, national origin, and citizenship status. For
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Essentially, the parents of special needs children are significant members that improve the special education system because they are the most affective members in their children’s lives. In addition, there is a need to study the relationship between parental rights under IDEA and the quality of life for their children. These kind of issues can create better situations for the parents and children. Also, increasing the parents’ knowledge about their rights can be reflected on the whole society's awareness, which may affect these children’s lives in some way. Unfortunately, despite public acknowledgement of the importance of parent’s rights, there is a misunderstanding about how that can cause different implications for children with special needs. As a result, these children should be given opportunities to be in a satisfied…show more content…
These interventions played role instrumental in the establishment of federal laws that serve people with special needs and their families. These laws and legislations aim to provide equal educational opportunities and achieve community participation. If these laws are applied effectively, the important humanitarian principles, such as equality and respect will prevail in the society.
Laws, regulations and government support are requirements to achieve a decent life for people with special needs and increase the society's awareness about rights and issues of special needs and their families Because the parents of people with special needs are always seeking the best for their children, it is important to focus on these parents rights under the regulations of special education. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the current perspective of the problem in the related
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