Rhetoric Analysis: Yes We Can Speech Of Obama

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Rationale Written task: Britt Wesseling
I have chosen a ted talk as my text type, because I think this is a great opportunity to advice people on how to be a great public speaker. The ted talk shows several techniques on how you can be a good public speaker.
Being a good public speaker is having the ability to persuade and influence your audience in order to send your message. Great leaders are one of the best examples, because their goal is of course to inspire and activate the listeners. Therefore, I have based my ted talk on a speech of one of the best leaders in the world (not anymore), namely the ‘Yes we can’ speech of Obama. I decided to use this speech, because I think this speech is one of the best speeches we know and this makes …show more content…

By analysing this speech I have looked at the techniques Obama uses to accomplish these aspects. I converted this techniques into a ted talk where I explained them properly in order to make it as far as understable for the audience.
This ted talk emphasizes that being a good orator is both a natural and a learnable skill. It shows that one of the formal best leaders even has techniques in order to reach his goal, but that they are learnable for everyone.
The audience that this ted talk is written for is people who are not very good in public speaking and want to know some tips and tricks. If you are yourself a very good public speaker and you know the techniques that are being used, this ted talk will be then just old news.

How to be a great public speaker

Do you feel nervous when you have to speak in front of an audience? Probably most of you do have that feeling. Your muscles are strained, your stomach is upset and you can’t eat or sleep. Public …show more content…

Being confident and positive is an added value to your speech. The audience is more likely to listen to your speech, because they are more interested, because of your enthusiasm. In this way you are more likely to persuade the audience of your ideas. The slogan ‘Yes we can’ of Obama is then also a very good example. He used this slogan for the first time in his victory speech, the slogan became so popular that the speech is named after the slogan. He used it several times in his speech in order to motivate the people, but also to become one unity. Using a convincing slogan in your speech is very recommendable, as it shows that you want to become one with your

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