Patriarchy In Ancient Civilizations

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Patriarchy is the typical system in a society where the male holds the most power over a female. Multiple civilizations have been this way for centuries. There are many aspects that caused this division between the two genders. The causes in the development of patriarchy from the Paleolithic Eras to the Neolithic Eras are the creation of civilizations, home environments ,and agriculture. Each one of these causes lead to one another because they have a “chain reaction.” The effects from these causes are giving men more power because of their abilities, opportunities, and beliefs. Agriculture is a main cause for patriarchy because it changed society for better and for worse. It was beneficial because it lead to technological advancements and discoveries that helped us create things. But it developed a problem for society because of their ancestors. As men and women were developing into a specie, many differences were discovered based on their history. The common descent of men were ape-like mammals. These creatures had more strength than the typical female organism because of how they adapted to their surroundings. “Male animals play a more active pan in …show more content…

These civilizations started to create leaderships. “Men did most of the manufacturing and assumed political and religious leadership, thus relegating women to subordinate roles.” (Stearns 15-16) What this means is that because men did most of the hard work, they believed that they would be best in a leadership position than women would be. “With civilization, more fully patriarchal structures emerged.”(Stearns 15) This shows that the force of patriarchy in government had grown stronger because men put themselves in a position they thought they deserved more than women did. However if the men had given women the opportunity to get into a political job or into an agricultural job, they wouldn’t be such a division between men and

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