Paul Revere: A Unique Hero

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Paul Revere was not a unique hero before the battle of Lexington. In these two texts it talks about Paul Revere's and William Dawes took this time to warn the people in the city. It took place when he was traveling in the city he started off in Concord and from Concord he went to Lexington after he traveled to Mentomy from Mentomy to Medford and to Charlestown and Finally he finished off in Boston, where Paul Revere was warning the people of the British towarding toward them. In the poem it talks about his journey running through the town warning the people. The poem talks about how he was feeling during that time of his journey to warn the people of the town. The poem took place in the time of April 18 1775. He did this so the people …show more content…

The differences are a big part to knowing that Paul Revere was not a real unique hero so the first difference was that the dates were different in the poem it then in the letter it said “On the eighteenth of April, in Seventy-Five” but in the poem it said “In the fall of 1774 and the winter of 1775” so this explains one of the differences. The next difference is that in the letter he has people helping him throughout the battle but in the poem it doesn’t talk about any other people he was traveling with in the text it states “I was a member of a group of 30 people”,it also talks about other people like “Dr. Warren begged me to immediately go to Lexington, where John Hancock and John Adams were, and tell them about the soldiers. We thought the soldiers were planning to arrest them”. This is an example on how Paul Revere had help during the war. In the poem it says that “Then he climbed to the tower of the church,Up the wooden stairs, with stealthy tread To the belfry-chamber overhead” This says in the poem that he was riding through the town alone to warn people Therefore Paul Revere was not a unique hero before the battle because of these three reasons is that the poem dates of when the war took action is different than when the poem said that when the war, letter is that more people helped him when the British came but in the poem it doesn’t talk about other people just him riding through the town

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