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Unit 3 Reflection 1) We spent a long time this unit looking at political ideologies. Lots of things shape your moral/ethical compass and who you will be as adults. After this unit where you do place yourself on the political ideological spectrum? Do you think you will always feel this way? What do you feel in the future will influence you most? Even after this whole unit, I’d still consider myself a liberal/left. I’ve always had a very open mind and as I’ve gotten older, I’ve only become more that way. With time, I’ve grown wiser with an ability to respect others and their opinions, beliefs, sexuality, etc. and I truly don’t think that that will ever change from that mindset. In the future, I think what will influence me the most will be like experiences really. No one can really say with fact that their mindset will ever, or never, change. Something big could happen in your life that you just can’t control and could change you forever. 2) There are three major races that will directly impact your lives (and many smaller ones as well). Watch the attached links for the Presidential, Governor, and US Senate races then make a prediction for who will win each and why. Don’t tell me who you would vote for I want to know based off everything you learned about …show more content…

It definitely isn’t absolutely awful and is the worst in the world, but it is by no means the best. I think that as an optimist, we could definitely work to improve it. There’s always room for improvement no matter what and having a negative view on our government doesn’t help anything and if anything it puts us at a stand still. There are slimey politicians just like there are clean ones. No matter where you go, there will always be corrupt politicians. It’s really in human nature to do what you need to do to win and for some, the way of winning is through unethical ways, and you can’t control that. Fate has a plan and karma always whips around and gives people what they

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