Pennies Is Equal To A Dime Essay

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We begin the development of our concept with a quick meeting in front of our large white board. Each child brings their personal white boards and is given a bag of plastic dimes, pennies and nickels. We identify coins by names and review the value of pennies and dimes. I invite children to show the coins as I name them and/or write their values on their white boards. I point out that some students have drawn 10 pennies for a dime, a few students drew a quick ten and others just wrote the number 10. We discuss that 10 pennies is equal to a dime. I then placed a magnetic nickel on our white board and explain that 2 of these have the same value as a dime. I invite the students to draw a number bond on their white board as I draw one on the large …show more content…

We restate the objective and discuss the new information we learned today. I had the students give me a thumb up/down signal about their understanding on this topic. I also explained that this information was going to fit in nicely with our “Caps for Sale” story this week and the caps we were making to sell to the other 1st grade classroom. We discussed the importance of knowing the value of money when you are selling/ buying items. I reminded students that they were going to have to count their own money when they bought caps from Ms. Belt’s class and they were going to have to count the money the students gave them for their caps. The final component of all our math lessons is the exit ticket. Students were given their exit ticket, directions and were free to go to flexible seating. Our exit ticket consisted of 3 problems that required each child to match coins to values and draw a combination of coins to equal ten cents. I collect the exit tickets and use the results to pull a small group during center time. I pull groups for a variety of reasons. Small groups allow me to guide struggling students to understanding, to push students to think a little deeper or challenge students that are working above grade

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