Perception Vs. Reality In James Kafka's The Metamorphosis

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In liteture, perception verses reality is a common topic. Often times a character will say something that the readers can perceive in more than one way. The reader only reads what the narrator perceives, not what is happening throughout the plot of the story. James Kafka’s short story, “The metamorphosis” stated “When Gregor Samsa awoke one morning from troubled dreams, he found himself transformed into a monstrous insect.(Kafka, 1)” Did Gregor turn into a bug, or was that just what Gregor Believed happen to him. It is very possible that Gregor is suffering from a severe case of the mental illness, Schizophrenia. According to Web MD, symptoms for schizophrenia include not following through, hallucinations, confused thoughts and speech, withdraw, …show more content…

It is often times difficult for people with schizophrenia to organize thoughts and to make decisions. When Grete was playing the violin for the Boarders, Gregor forgot everything and made a bad decision. “Mr.Samsa cried the m idle gentleman to Gregors father, and without wasting another word pointed with his index finger at Gregor, who was slowly advancing. The violin stopped, the middle gentleman, shaking his head, smiled first at his friends and then looked at Gregor again. (Kafka, 74)” The violin caused Gregor to drop everything and go to it. This is probably because the violin caused Gregor sound familiar, and he wants to know what it is again. “Gregor had remained close only to his sister, and it was his secret plan that she, who unlike Gregor loved music and could play the violin with a deep feeling, should next year attend the Conservatory, despite the expense which, great as it was, would have to be met in some way. (Kafka, 43)“ The violin was an important part of his life before he started to show symptoms. This is why it could cause him to go into a trance, and try to follow the music. Gregor, living under a couch for a few months look like a homeless person than a member of the family, so when the boarders see him they are rather surprised, and notify the owner of the house, Mr. Samsa. Gregor’s decision making skills have been greatly reduced due to his

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