Personal Essay: Double Applied Business

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Recently, due to my AS level choices; business has become a much bigger part of my life than it used to be, due to me choosing Double Applied Business. This is because I really enjoy learning about different businesses and investigating how they operate. I have researched a range of businesses, from multinational businesses that span across continents, to smaller national businesses. I enjoy learning about the different departments and how they are controlled and how someone would run the business effectively in their own style. The subject interests me because I would love to learn how to manage different situations and how to have an impact on the way a business runs successfully. I greatly enjoy having responsibilities in a group, particularly …show more content…

This has given me many skills including creativity and confidence to perform under observation of a large audience. It has taught me how to manage a group of people, which can be especially difficult when they are young due to the diverse nature of personalities and abilities. It has given me the chance to develop some skills in teaching and mentoring both adults and young people. Playing in the band has also helped me with my team working skills; when helping in the junior band, I have the opportunity to work with others and work together to help the learners to get as much as they can from each weekly session. I also play 2nd trombone in the senior band; the band would not be able to operate without good teamwork skills, especially since we practise twice a week; this demonstrates my commitment and perseverance to new challenges. I attended a workshop with a world famous group, Mnozil Brass, and brought back a lot from this experience. My Father being the band manager has given me insight into the running of a business, which is what he has had to do since the band has become a registered charity, showing me how someone might run a successful business. With the band I have attended various events. I attend the regional championships every year and recently have attended the national brass band finals in Cheltenham, and as a result have learned to work under a lot of pressure, which comes from performing with such skilled people

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