Personal Essay: My Life During World War I

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I was born on November 30th, 1874 in Blenheim Palace in Woodstock, England, to his parents Lord Randolph Churchill and Lady Randolph Churchill. I received my education at several locations, including Brunswick School, Harrow School, St. George’s School, and The Royal College- now Academy- at Sandhurst. My familial relationship with my father was incredibly weak, and I guess you could say I was quite a “mama’s boy,” though we never interacted much. I began the road to my eventual fame as an aspiring militant, then faded out of the army life to join politics instead, where some of my most notable actions, including being Prime Minister of Britain during World War Two and the disastrous Gallipoli Landings of 1915, occurred. Some of my hobbies helped save my sanity during war times, even when at fierce battle with my Black Dog depression, and while off-duty, I still stayed with the military by working as a peek into the front line for the readers …show more content…

During a General Election, and while Britain was attempting to give into Germany’s demands with France, Belgium and Poland, without loosing ground, the previous Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain, convinced the King, George the Seventh, to allow me to be sworn in as Prime Minister on the tenth of May, 1940. This was the same year World War Two would begin for the English, with the war coming to our ‘home turf’ as the Americans say, through the Battle of Britain, or The Blitz. In my previous escapades with politics from the World Wars, I took responsibility for the disastrous Gallipoli landings of 1915, which ended in an estimated 34,000 British casualties. During the Second World War, many saw me as a master of plans, setting up several successful operations. This was due in part to the bipolar depression I was diagnosed with, and helped me spin intricate webs of plotting to win the

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