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Leadership Philosophy & Teaching Statement I deliver this personal leadership philosophy & Teaching statement to you. This is nothing but my personal belief system and ethics about works & teaching. I am workaholic in nature, which is my passion. Hence, I can undoubtedly learn what I trust, what to presume from others or students, what I expect others or students. So, in this way you can help me to become a better leader & teacher. I am a leader that has faith in my work abilities and strengths. I believe in such work environment that can be students & employee friendly and positively directed, according to me, which is the principal foundation of mature growth for organization. Here, I am briefing you on my personal background, …show more content…

I decided to continue that passion. I stated teaching to graduate students at Trine University Indiana USA after my graduation. Being a teacher, given the experiences that I have had with teaching over the past few years. I used same teaching philosophy and succeed in teaching. Meanwhile, I taught several health care subjects in USA including anatomy, physiology, microbiology, counselling, women health, & healthcare management. I have been blessed enough to be a teaching fellow in several healthcare courses and continuing during my time at Trine University, Ivy Tech Community College, & Brown Mackie College in USA. In each of these courses, my supervising professor offered me a great deal of autonomy to use my own unique teaching style. As a team we helped our management team to design & Implement the new …show more content…

The knowledge, skills, and experiences that I have acquired have laid the foundation to become a successful health care teacher. I have learned in my entire life that compassionate work for patient’s care serve as a foundation to build on, enabling me to become a responsible healthcare worker, leader & teacher. Being a medical professional for me is my passion for work and achieving goals. The medical field is ever changing because it requires constant learning and staying up to date with current issues. I graciously accept this responsibility. My assignment is to express my creativity in an attractive and inspirational manner to attend health care issues and resolve in an ethical way. I am a leader who has confidence in amenity, determination, and tactic. I believe that leadership is attending others, and working with others to accomplish a meaningful

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