Personal Narrative

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It was a nice hot summer day in Denver, Colorado. Was on my way to my friend Lula’s house, haven’t seen her in a few years. We went to elementary school together and we were in student council together. I slowly got out of the leather seat in my mom's white car. “Bye mom, I love you. See you mañana.” I wave as she waves back. I close the door behind me and as she drives away. I walk up to the front door as my knuckles touch the dark army green door. The door opened and a face I haven’t seen in what feels like forever looks up. She runs out the door and hugs me. “Hi! How have you been?” Looked at her and she is smiling from ear to ear. “I have been great.” We walk inside with Lula holding the door. She asked to hear everything, school, home, ect. …show more content…

“Yes Lula?” She crawls over to me and has a smile. I’m guessing she has some exciting news. “I forgot to tell you I am taking care of my friends bunnies while she is on vacation. Do you want to go over there to meet them?” Got up and got my shoes on. “Of course, is our mom gonna drive us?” We walked to the garage and she turned on the light. “We are all gonna ride bikes.” The first bike that catches my eye was the light blue bike and looked liked it worked really well. Didn’t know how to ride a bike until the age 10 because my dad was in the Marine Corps and didn’t really get to teach me. Excited because I learned on my own and felt so free when I rode. Thought I was pretty good and wanted to show off my skills. “I will go get my mom.” Lula insisted that I pick my own bike for comfort. She left inside to go get her mom. “This bike is really nice.” I stated as she walked back in the garage. “She will be out in a second. I see you picked my mom’s old bike.” My face is shown with the expression that she has seen before. I look all around the bike and shot up. “Old?” I smile “This thing is in really good shape for old.” She chuckles and raises the seat for me a

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