Personal Narrative: A Female Black Settler's Life

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A Female Black Settler’s Life My master abuses me, and never allows me to be with my children. I desperately need to get away from my master. I plan to soon take my children and run to Canada. Hopefully he does not catch me as I am running away to Upper Canada. I am terrified of my master; I don’t know what he will do to me if I dare disobey him. I have heard stories where if you run away and fail, your master will cut off part of your foot so you can never run away again. If he takes my children away from me I will die. They are still so young they need me. It is almost mid-day; I am still gathering myself to be ready to run away. I have the food I need for my children. I need to grab clothing for my baby, in-case she gets too cold as we are leaving. Now, it is almost night and the sun is down. I am leaving as soon as I can hear my master going to bed and I may have a couple hours …show more content…

Canada is so peaceful there are no slaves here. Everyone is free. They even have given me land to farm. I think running away from my master was the best decision I have ever made. Today, I can just farm peacefully and grab water and watch my children grow up. Even though life isn’t the easiest here, I still feel like it’s better than back there. I get to start fresh, my children have hope now. My children is finally going to school and getting an education, maybe one day they will be able to take care of me in my later years. I am trying to find a husband right now, who can take care of me and watch over the children when I am busy. Otherwise, life here is beautiful. People are exceptionally nice, I have never been hit. When my neighbors come and visit, they always have some type of treat for me and my children. My baby is growing up so quickly and so is my other child. I am so thankful that Canada is here for me, and my old master can never come in and drag me back. Canada is a haven for me and my children. I will never regret this decision of running

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