The Importance Of Migration To Canada

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In general, I believe that the answer to this question really depends on the immigrant that you are interviewing because different immigrants have different experiences (different factors or reasons for why they immigrated to Canada and how they felt after coming to Canada because different immigrants have different opinions about Canada as a country). An example of such a difference in opinion is the following; some immigrants prefer the multiculturalism and the diversity in the cultures/religions that exist in the Canadian society, whereas other immigrants dislike the multiculturalism.
However, if I consider only my father, Monirul Islam’s, case and immigrant experience, then I believe that his experience was very memorable and life-changing
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My father and my mother discussed that it was better for the future of their children if they immigrated or traveled to another country that was very peaceful and a perfect place to live in. After some research on the best countries to immigrate to, my parents finally decided to immigrate to Canada. On March 11th, 1999, my dad received a letter stating that he got a recommendation from a large company in Canada as a senior project engineer. He was elated and was very excited because good things were happening and this gave him hope that his immigration to Canada will be successful. That night, my parents dreamt of a happy life in Canada where the environment is beautiful and it is very peaceful. The next day, my father completed an immigration application for my entire family (my mother and my brother) and paid a total fee of approximately $2500 (it includes the landing fee and the application processing fee). My parents were busy during those days. They were going through the processes that had to be done such as the educational assessment, work experience examination, and the medical tests. After a few days of waiting, the immigration application was officially completed and sent to the immigration department of Canada. After six months of suspense and waiting, we received a letter stating that our immigration application was approved by the Canadian immigration department. My parents were…show more content…
They stayed at the airport ate the food at the airport which was very different than the food that was eaten in Bangladesh. The food was bland and less spicy, whereas in Bangladesh the food was very spicy. However, my parents and my elder brother managed to eat it. After six hours, they boarded an Air Canada plane. It was very difficult for my brother to sleep because the engine was fairly loud. However, since he was so tired it didn’t really affect him and he managed to take rest. My parents didn’t eat a lot of the food on the airplane because they didn’t really enjoy it (they just managed with butter and toast and coffee). After seven hours, they finally arrived at Pearson Airport and they were amazed by how beautiful the airport looked (Dhaka airport’s structure wasn’t as modernized as Pearson Airport’s structure). They booked a room at a nearby hotel and stayed there for a week. On the way to the hotel, my elder brother was looking out the window constantly at the highways and the large hotels because the cities in Bangladesh weren’t as modernized and didn’t look so new. My elder brother and my parents stayed at a hotel for a week and then one of my father’s close friends arranged an apartment at 10 Teesdale Place for them. My father paid the rent and the apartment was finalized and we moved in. After two years of living life to the fullest and exploring Ontario; going to the CN
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