Personal Narrative: A Short Story

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There it was and for the first time ever, Walter had done something. He wasn’t quite sure what it was that he had done, but Catherine said he had done it well and so it must be a decent thing. Edward hadn’t seemed to be needing comfort, however, maybe Walter missed something…
In the empty elevator on the way down to visit Loraine, Catherine held Walter up to her face. He let his yarn soak up the trails of tears as she inhaled deeply the final scent of her husband. Clenching him tightly to her chest, the doors opened and she walked down the hallway to the information station and then to Loraine’s room.
“Mom,” Karen came towards her, arms open.
“He’s gone.” She brushed the embrace aside, “With the sun to keep him warm, a kiss to keep him brave …show more content…

Karen heard it too, and went over to pick up soothe the newborn.
“Would you like to hold him, Mom?” A tired Loraine asked from her hospital bed.
Catherine nodded, her face still expressionless, and held out Walter to cloak the baby in his soft folds.
This is my chance now. I’m sure of it; I get it now! This is what Mary-Lynn had been talking about! With the passing of Edward, this is my opportunity to comfort the family. Oh, if only Mary-Lynn was still around, she would be so proud of me. Out of all of us I was the only one chosen to stay all this while. I wasn’t supposed to be a comfort to Edward, but Catherine and the girls. Now, by pulling me around her grandson I can give the comfort to the family that a piece of Edward will always be with them.
“What’s his name, Loraine?” Her mother asked, looking blankly around the room and then settling on Loraine, waiting for her to reply. “His name is William Edward. William our conqueror-”
“And Edward your guardian. Yes, I know how the names work.” A smile began in her eyes as Catherine looked down at the calm complexion of her grandchild and then continued, “I made this blanket for my Edward,” she said gently, tracing the boy’s face with her finger tips, “It was with him as he left this world. Now it can be for our William Edward, this way your son can understand and love it as a piece of his grandfather whom he never

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