Personal Narrative: An Interview With An Urban Teacher

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Recently me and my fellow classmates were given the opportunity to interview an urban teacher. The Urban teacher I was given was Mr.Fine, who is an african American male who has taught history and English in urban setting schools in the cities such as Brooklyn, New York and Atlanta, Georgia. Mr.Fine now teaches a humanities class in a private school in London, England. During our interview Mr.Fine really opened my classmates and I eyes, He showed us that not everything that happens in teacher needs to be planned, you should always teach though the multiple lens, do what is necessary then apologizing for them later, and that we need to raise critical analysis to help students become completely aware of their surroundings. In our conversation…show more content…
With that being said, you must be able to redirect them to someone who has the answer. Another thing he made sure we received from the conversation was that you should never let you own judgement cloud the way you think or teach you students. He gave us an example of when his students asked him what he thought about the presidential candidates and his response was not his opinion but a redirective question such as, “I do not have a thought that comes to mind when I think about the candidates but how do you feel about them.” Mr.Fine put the craft of teacher into the perspective that I can explain to people that ask why I would like to become a teacher. Everyday is different day, a creative day, a day where I can act and be myself with my students. Mr.Fine also made it known that if we chose to become educators that we will not be paid as must as we deserve and deal with, but the reward of teaching our students the truth will be best rewarding feeling that is possible. A final point Mr.Fine showed my classmates and I was that schools is a part of this terrible system of socialization, classism, and white supremacy. The only way we can as people can fix is our
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