Personal Narrative: Becoming A Senior Aide

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The following,is an article written by Jerry Brindley when she was a Senior Aide in Decatur:

Becoming a Senior Aide was a big step in my life as far as taking care of the elderly and seeing to their needs. I have had years of experience from my parents-in-law and our neighbors. But to actually go into a home and help someone I have never known was and is totally different.

After my first month or two, I came to know and love these dear people. To do things for them that they could not do was very rewarding. I have lengthened my prayer list to include all of my new family, as that is how I feel about these wonderful people. To clean up a bathroom, where they physically could not, made me see and feel love, rather than disgust. To go to a grocery store and buy the week 's food for my ladies made me have a spring in my step, rather than the drudgery of grocery buying I used to feel buying my own food. To sit and hear a suffering individual 's problems- I try to console that person and advert attention to a happier subject-is a heart-rending experience. I show my growing love to all of my clients, and I am getting back twice as much love. I have ladies in wheelchairs that depend solely on me to change their linens on the bed and run the vacuum. There are ladies so very tired and weak their eyes really shine when I come knocking on the door. They all are so appreciative for all that I do, for the time we sit and talk to the time I clean their bathroom. I have never seen so much …show more content…

This program has meant so much to all of my ever grateful clients and has meant the world to me. I just thank God every day for using me in this way. It made me open my eyes in thankfulness to the physical properties that I possess and was not aware of others losing theirs. With this program in effect it provides the clients comfort to know they can still stay at home with some

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