Personal Narrative: Senior Captone Project

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As I am quickly approaching the end of my senior, I am looking back at how far I have come since freshman year and everything that Henley High School has helped me accomplish in my life. In preparation for the life that every senior must experience after school, the senior capstone project was put in place to help seniors find out what they would suit them as career and give them some of the necessary tools in achieving that. Part of the capstone was earning service hours at a non profit organization, that can go on a resume. With serving came a facilitator, who guides one’s service, and also the challenges and success of the service itself. To Provide help on future careers, Henley High School also provided an opportunity to take the CIS test …show more content…

My facilitator end up being a very nice and tall lady named, Katie who was very easy to work with in getting my needs and requirements met. Despite this, my facilitator played a very minor role in my service there. I met with her at the start when she approved my request to be able to service there, and also talked to her when she signed off on my time log and graded me at the end. Other than that though I was lucky if I was able to see her at all during my time serving there because she was almost always gone or working upstairs to my understanding. All of the tasks I worked on and the knowledge I required to complete those tasks were actually presented to me by another lady who worked under my facilitator in the library 's youth department. She was the one that I was able to go to for questions and directed me while I was there, making her kind of a mediator between myself and my facilitator. This made her more of a facilitator in her role than my actual one who simply had the authority be my

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