Personal Narrative: My Mentor

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A Mentor is an experienced and trusted adviser. My mentor was this guy and he used to be a youth pastor at my church. He was a black, tall, and successful man. He is literally where a black man should want to be in life. He had it all, his spiritual life was near perfect and he really preached what he taught. He had 2 nice cars and a beautiful wife and a house in the suburbs and no kids. That is how I wanted to be when I grow up. He could relate to me in some aspects of my life and that 's what makes him a good mentor. He was like the father you always wanted to have. Me and him shared a passion for tennis shoes, we both have big collections of shoes. My relationship with My youth pastor was one of the best relationships I had as far as looking up to role models. My youth pastor name is Mr. Tony, he is in his mid 30’s. Whenever I needed help Mr. Tony was there and whenever I ask him a question he always had an answer for me. I recall a couple times i had to go shopping but was not able to get a ride to these places such as Aurora Farms Outlets. We even shared some …show more content…

Mr. Tony always had great advice whenever i needed some. When I had problems I would come to him and if he couldn 't solve it he would give me the best answer he could give. I remember one conversation we had and it went like this. “Shawn take a seat” said Mr. Tony. So i had took a seat. “If you want to be different then you have to be the abstract person and stick out from your surroundings.” Said Mr. Tony. I asked “What do you mean?”, “Everyone wants to be the same and be like the person next to them but Shawn I see that you are a different individual” Said Mr. Tony, “Everyone else your age is either in trouble or have no goals in life or do not have a plan to do anything with it” Mr Tony concluded. I was lost on what had happened but i 'm very open minded so I questioned it and challenged it. That aphorism sticks with me now until this

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