Grief Counseling Case Study

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On 6/19/2015 client attended to her ILP meeting. Client was very upset stated nobody is helping her to obtain housing. Cm reminded client that she must provide paper work to HS in order to help her.
Housing: HS reminded client that three weeks ago she required her to provide her medical history, a psychosocial, her daughters pay stubs and her daughter must add herself in client pay case.
Client Tiffany Ocasio was upset and she was coursing and she was wasn’t to know why is the reason the still in the shelter and they not getting the help they need. Again HS and Cm explain to client daughter what they need to provide to HS in order to find out if they qualify for one of the housing provide offering to clients.
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Health and safety: Client unit needs some repairs the ceiling bathroom still has a hole next to the radiator pole. The tub is constantly flutter and her stove need to be replaces.
Medical: HOH and youngest daughter Maylin are both receiving grief counseling at St. John’s University, located at NYC Children’s Grief connection: Assessment and Grief Counseling assent since 4/7/2015. Every Tuesday at 6p.m. Counselor name is Ms. Goodman. Agency office is located at 211 E63St NY .NY. Client and her daughter Maylin finish their grief counseling and the last they was 6/11/2015.
HOH stated that she attend her doctors on every Thursday in Queens. Case manager requested resident a letter medical history.
PA benefits: HOH stated that she has an open PA case of family services, call CTR#17 Bronx Satellite located at 847 Barretto Street Bronx NY 10474. Client (Demi) must reapply for PA case open as soon as possible.
HOH is receiving SSI benefit of the amount of $744.00 monthly.
Saving: HOH must save %50 of her SSI benefit.
Employment: client Demi is currently working at her American eagle store client provide her first pay stubs. Client must provide proof of

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