Psy 270 Week 9 Substance Abuse Case Studies

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SC placed call to Pa and spoke with Bill Pa’s spouse who reported that doing ok. But she has come combative lately and verbal abusive. Bill spoke at length about her behavior and the impact it has on him. Bill is offended when Pa makes disparaging remarks about him and calls him out of his name. Bill reported that he believes Pa needs a medication review and a change in meds. Because the medication that supposed to help with her outbursts and combative behavior is not as effective anymore. He reported that Pa fell on 11/11/15 but did not need medical treatment because she did not sustain any injuries (just soreness). The SC inquired about Bill handle his frustration and when Pa becomes abuse or combative and he state he just deals with it because he loves her “and no matter what that’s his wife and he’s going to do right by her” so he talks to …show more content…

SC offered to mail pamphlets for caregiver support groups but Bill said he don’t have the time to go. He prefers to call SC if he really needs someone to talk with so says ok. Pa reported that the workers at the residence just took their statements of what happened. The SC asked Pa about his services. Pa stated that he is satisfied with his services and feels that it meets his current needs. Bill confirms that Pa is receiving services as specified in the ISP in the following type, scope, amount, frequency and duration: Pa receives Agency Model PAS 2 hours x 7 days per week (9:00am - 11:00am) via Aurora Home Care the personal care aide will provide assistance when needed and supervision with bathing, dressing, grooming, and light cleaning. The SC discussed Self-Directed service, Bill and he declined as he reports that both him and Pa prefers Agency Model PAS (they can’t handle the paper work). Bill confirmed that there is no duplication of services. Waiver is the payer of last resort for services. Pa reported that his back-up plan is, the agency will send a replacement aide in the event of a no show this has not been

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