Joe Chapman Case Study

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Received a request by Josephine Sullivan to consult with Joe Chapman an extremely agitated and pacing patient waiting to see Dr. Nuthi. Mr. Chapman was alert and oriented to person place and time. He was pacing in the hallway when I arrived and accompanied by his daughter, Dorothy McCollum who was sitting in the doorway of her exam room waiting to see Dr. Katoch.
Josephine explained that I was there to assist Mr. Chapman in determining his needs, to enable him to more efficiently express them to Dr. Nuthi. Mr. Chapman appears apprehensive and his agitation amplifies. Mr. Chapman express that he has already told the nurse and others what he needs multiple times and request that I review his chart, which stated that he has lower back and chronic pain. He stated …show more content…

Nuthi, he appeared suspicious but as his agitation decrease he became more corporative. Mr. Chapman explains that he and his children were recently in a MVA in which he was at a stop and the other vehicle hit him at about 80 MPH. All the individuals in his vehicle were injured. His injuries were future aggregated by a previous back problem; additionally he express that he has been diagnosis with Schizophrenia, Bipolar, Depression, PTSD and becomes anxious when confined in closed in places while alone. He stated that while at the hospital he was locked in a room and became anxious and agitated like he was here and because he refused to remain in the confined room he was denied treatment. I explained that the rules that institutions have in place are for the patient’s safety and that it is vital that he get his mental health condition treated at the Wellstone Behavioral Health so that he could more effectively express his physical needs, furthermore he will have to exercise some of his coping tools to assist himself in explaining his physical needs because most providers

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